1. Old Blues / Modern Love
    18th & Addison

  2. Wake Up
    Bristol To Memory

  3. Second To None

  4. Out Of Time
    The Lucky Eejits

  5. Watching A Garden Die

  6. Into You
    Bristol To Memory

  7. Wrapped Up
    Bristol To Memory

  8. ATTENTION: A Wiretap Charity Compilation

  9. So Far So Good
    The Lucky Eejits

  10. Creep
    Decent Criminal

  11. Never Gonna Die
    Aree and the Pure Heart

  12. Grow Up Trash
    Problem Daughter

  13. Modern Stigmata
    Problem Daughter

  14. Never Better
    The Burnt Tapes

  15. ATTENTION: A Wiretap Charity Compilation

  16. Self Amusing Smile
    Problem Daughter

  17. Strays
    Radar State

  18. 2018 Label Sampler

  19. Yuzi
    The Burnt Tapes

  20. Attention: A Wiretap Charity Compilation

  21. Audio Karate
    Audio Karate

  22. Enemies
    Night Surf

  23. Attention! A Wiretap Records Charity Compilation

  24. Songs For The Sleepless
    Get Married

  25. Amnesiatic
    Odd Robot

  26. Living Room
    Get Married

  27. Eager Heart
    Lost In Society

  28. Attention! A Wiretap Charity Comp

  29. A Confrontational Effort
    This Obsession

  30. Attention: A Wiretap Charity Compilation

  31. No Discordance

  32. Don't Try So Hard

  33. 2017 Label Sampler

  34. Evil Gene

  35. Attention: A Punk Rock Feast Compilation

  36. San Junipero
    Watch For Horses

  37. Ultraviolet

  38. ATTENTION! A Wiretap Records Charity Compilation (August 2017)

  39. A Life That Is Giving

  40. Seafoam
    Kamikaze Girls

  41. (Don't Forget To) Pay ATTENTION! A Wiretap Records Charity Compilation

  42. A Late Night Panic
    Odd Robot

  43. All I Found (Was A Ghost)
    Elijah Newman & The SideEffects

  44. ATTENTION! A Wiretap Records Charity Compilation

  45. Never Knowing Best
    I'm Fine

  46. Planet X​-​Ray
    Gender Roles

  47. A Wiretap Records Christmas Compilation

  48. Into The Cosmos
    Get Married

  49. Attention: A Wiretap Records Compilation. Fall 2016

  50. The Cross And The Switchblade
    wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves

  51. Sad
    Kamikaze Girls

  52. Attention: A Wiretap Records "Instant" Compilation. Summer 2016

  53. Four Songs
    Get Married

  54. Maladaptive Daydream
    Watch For Horses

  55. Attention: A Wiretap Records Music + Podcast Compilation: Summer 2016

  56. Framing Defeat for the Critical Eye
    Cables & Arms

  57. Attention: A Wiretap Records Compilation Winter 2016

  58. Giant Sings The Blues (Extended Version)
    Spanish Love Songs

  59. Ghost Be Gone
    Warn The Duke

  60. Burrito Wars
    Bastards Of Young / Success / Civil War Rust / Western Settings

  61. Attention: A Wiretap Records Fall 2015 Compilation

  62. Scars

  63. Dream Lover (Bobby Darin Cover)

  64. The Sailor. The Sea
    Sons of Strangers

  65. ATTENTION: A Wiretap Records Compilation

  66. Creep Show

  67. Nothing New
    Ordinary People

  68. Another Wiretap Records Compilation - Volume 3: Digital Sampler - Various

  69. Indian School / Watch For Horses - 7" Split

  70. Evil Kid
    Watch For Horses

  71. Canta Para Cristo (Nuestro Faro Celestial)
    Raquel Castellon


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